Be Active for Health!
Fun Playground

Being active is important for your health. Playing sports (e.g. badminton and football), cycling, jogging and dancing are all forms of exercise which are good for health. Even when you run around, play at the park and help your parents with housework, you are actually doing your body a favour!

Why be active?

  • It helps you maintain energy balance. Eating more than you need will cause excess nutrients to be stored as fat. Exercise helps burn up the excess energy you obtain from food.
  • It makes you stronger. The more you use your muscle, the stronger it gets. Tug-of-war, running and cycling are activities that build strong muscles and keep your bones healthy.
  • It helps your heart stay healthy. Your heart is the muscle that pumps blood to deliver oxygen all over your body. Exercise gets your heart pumping faster and makes it stronger.
  • It makes you flexible. Being flexible means being able to bend and stretch your body without much trouble, like bending down to touch your toes without feeling pain. Gymnastics, dancing and martial arts (taekwando or silat) help your flexibility.
  • It makes you feel good. Exercise makes the brain release a chemical that helps you feel happy and helps keep stress away.

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