Time for a Healthy Snack!
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You must eat the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) everyday to make sure you take in sufficient nutrients to meet your daily needs. In spite of this, you may still feel hungry in between the main meals. This is because most of the time, you can only fill your tummy a little at a time. Healthy snacks can satisfy the hunger and help to keep your energy level high and your mind alert! Make sure you choose nutritious foods for your snacks (see below). In addition, make sure not to snack less than 2 hours before main meals, or you risk spoiling your appetite!

Choose your snack smartly!

Below are some healthier snack choices to keep your hunger pangs away:

Ready-To-Eat Snacks

These snacks can be consumed on the spot. Examples are:
  • Whole grain breakfast cereals
  • Cereal bars
  • Plain, high-fibre crackers
  • Tau fu fah
  • Popia basah

Ready-To-Drink Beverages

Some beverages make easy, no-fuss snacks that are also nutritious. For example:
  • UHT Milk
  • Soy milk
  • Malted or chocolate milk drinks
  • 100% fruit juices

When consuming beverages, as far as possible, choose those with lower or less sugar content.

Fresh and nice

Fruits are awesome healthy snack choices.
  • Fresh fruits, e.g.: bananas, apples, guava, papaya and honey dew
  • Dried fruits, e.g.: raisins and dates

Quick Simple Preparation Ideas

You can prepare some simple snacks by yourself or together with your mummy. For instance:
  • Oats with warm milk
  • Egg/tuna/cheese sandwiches
  • Corn-in-cup

Once-in-a-while Snacks

There are some tempting snacks which are high in fat, sugar or salt. However, you should only take these treats once in a while (eg once in a month) because they are unhealthy.
  • Potato/prawn crisps
  • Kerepek ubi/keropok
  • Yew char kwai
  • Vadai
  • Pisang goreng
  • Kuih muih (sweet and with santan)
  • Chocolate

There are so many types of healthy snacks to choose from that will satisfy your need to munch on something. Just remember to snack in moderation!

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