Planning Meals Ahead
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Making sure your child receives proper nutrition can be hassle-free if meals are planned ahead, for example, on a weekly basis. So, read on and keep scrolling down, as you’re going to learn how to plan meals and get practical tips on meal planning. A weekly meal plan sample is also available for your reference.

Why Plan?

Planning meals ahead helps to:

  • Ensure your child receives energy and nutrients needed for his daily needs.
  • Prevent your child from over- or under-eating when you’re not at home.
  • Manage your time and make meal preparation more efficient.
  • Ensure everyone in the family gets to eat their favourite dish.
  • Save money and prevent wastage.
  • Prevent stress - you won’t have to go crazy trying to figure out what to feed your child at the last minute!

Let’s Get Started

If you think planning meals for your child or family is tedious, why not start by just making a 1-day meal plan, say, for tomorrow? You’ll soon get the hang of it, and can move on to plan for several days in a row. As you get used to planning, you can plan for the whole week!

There are many ways to plan. You can plan by taking into consideration your child’s activities and your busy schedule. Then decide which day you’ll cook, ‘tapau’, get your maid to cook or just eat out. The basic step is to always plan for 3 main meals and 2 snacks in a day. Here’s how:

  • List down in your diary or on a piece of blank paper all the meals in 1 day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner), e.g. start with Monday.
  • Consider your child’s favourite foods and list them down for each meal.
  • Once you get the hang of it, repeat the steps for the next day, and for the following days of the week.
  • Plan different styles of dishes using various cooking methods. Remember to use different foods within each group and level of the Food Pyramid.
  • Your plan can be a blend of home-cooked food and outside food.
  • After you have the plan written out, create a shopping list according to your plan.

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